Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
On Wednesday 01 June 2005 12:04 pm, Joshua Coucke wrote:
Hey, I am trying to get a new email server working using
qmail+vpopmail+ldap.  The user software we have will export users to the
qmail-ldap schema.  The problem is that it looks like the vpopmail ldap
schema is not the same as the qmail-ldap schema.

Is there a way to make vpopmail work with the qmail-ldap schema or do I
have to get rid of vpopmail and just use qmail-ldap?

Could I posible map the qmail-ldap schema to the vpopmail schema?

I was also thinking that I might be able to use vpopmail with mysql and
import from the ldap server via a user script of some sort.

you could also just export their information to say.. a flat file.. and then 
import that into whatever backend you want.

Yes, I could.  I just picked LDAP because it was the easiest thing to get our client software (Emerald) to export to.  It is to bad vpopmail doesnt have support for the qmail.schema found in qmail-ldap.

If there isn't one there really should be some sort of standard for this....



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