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update, i *believe* i've solved the problem, and if so, then i'm *sure* that i'm an idiot: i compiled vpopmail with mysql replication support. I do't have a replication server set up to act in that capacity. recompiling with --enable-mysql-replication removed and the failures appear to have stopped.

about 99% of the problems have stopped. however, now there is a very small fraction of customers that still experience that imapproxy error when they try to log in, that i mentioned previously --

IMAP_Line_Read(): Protocol error.  Line terminated by LF, not CRLF

i've found the 'solution' is relatively easy - when i see that error go by in the imapproxy logs, all i have to do is go into vqadmin, view the account, then hit 'modify account' - without making any changes. that instantly clears the issue. i'm absolutely certain that this was never happening before the vpopmail upgrade.


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