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about 99% of the problems have stopped. however, now there is a very small fraction of customers that still experience that imapproxy error when they try to log in, that i mentioned previously --

IMAP_Line_Read(): Protocol error.  Line terminated by LF, not CRLF

i've found the 'solution' is relatively easy - when i see that error go by in the imapproxy logs, all i have to do is go into vqadmin, view the account, then hit 'modify account' - without making any changes. that instantly clears the issue. i'm absolutely certain that this was never happening before the vpopmail upgrade.


anybody? anybody? bueller?

the 'modify account' trick only works occasionally. and sometimes not at all. i've found no commonality at all across the accounts that have the problem and those that don't.

Paul Theodoropoulos

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