On Jun 13, 2005, at 7:58 PM, Casey Allen Shobe wrote:
On Monday 23 May 2005 21:51, Casey Allen Shobe wrote:
Why does vpopmail show users for a domain as 1 or 0, when there are
actually 10 users?

vdominfo showed 1, then I removed .dir-control, and now it shows 0:

No ideas on this???

The .dir-control file keeps track of the number of accounts. Somewhere in the account creation/deletion code there's a condition where it can get out of sync (or if you add/delete accounts by manually editing the vpasswd file or database table).

Deleting it resets the count to 0. Add a few dummy users, check vdominfo and look at the .dir-control file between adds to figure out which number represents vpopmail's user count for the domain.

Another question, why does vuserinfo show a last auth time for some accounts, but not for others even though I know the account is being logged into on a
regular basis?

Probably the difference between POP and IMAP auth? If you use qmail-pop3d for POP and Courier for IMAP, Courier might not be updating the lastauth value.

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