On Tuesday 14 June 2005 06:14, Tom Collins wrote:
> The .dir-control file keeps track of the number of accounts.  Somewhere
> in the account creation/deletion code there's a condition where it can
> get out of sync (or if you add/delete accounts by manually editing the
> vpasswd file or database table).

I figured as much.  Two questions:

A>  How can I cause the .dir-control to be recreated correctly?  We have some 
domains that show 99999 users too.  My assumption was that 
removing .dir-control would cause it to be regenerated based on correct data, 
but that is obviously not the case.

B> Why do vdominfo and friends rely on .dir-control?  Just count the number of 
lines in vpasswd or the number of user directories within the domain 
directory!  I really don't like inaccurate information, especially when it's 
due to some broken caching mechanism I can't turn off... :(

> Probably the difference between POP and IMAP auth?  If you use
> qmail-pop3d for POP and Courier for IMAP, Courier might not be updating
> the lastauth value.

I'll look into that with some testing, however we use dovecot for both POP3 
and IMAP.  Why do the servers need to be relied upon to update lastauth?  I 
previously assumed that vchkpw was supposed to set this value whenever it was 
called by any client.  That would cover SMTP, IMAP, POP3, and any other 
mail-related services regardless of what the servers happened to do.  After 
all, it's "last authorization", not "last pop3 poll/imap login".

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