On Tuesday 14 June 2005 12:58, Bruno Negrão wrote:
> If vpopmail start supporting a new user property, "INTERNAL", inside
> vpasswd file, like the prototype bellow:
> patrick:$1$oza9XaY.qO8uXhlaR701:1:0:patrick is internal
> only:/var/vpopmail/domains/exampledom.com.br/patrick:60MB:textpasswd:INTERN

You'd at least need an extra colon before INTERNAL, because there's already 
the optional NOQUOTA property.

I don't work for a large corporation anymore (thank the gods) and I know their 
opinions on things differ greatly from mine and often what is logical in 
anyone's mind, but my gut feeling on this is that if you can't trust an 
employee enough to allow them to send email out, then you shouldn't give that 
employee a half-arsed E-mail account at all.

Sometimes the client needs to be told when they're idea is just plain stupid 
(in the nicest manner possible of course ;-) ).

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