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It's a bug fixed in 5.4.12. 5.4.11 was a test release and should not be used in production. Downgrade to 5.4.10 until 5.4.12 is released please. (or download the 5.4.12 cvs version).

I tried both but i still have the same problem. Any idea to track the bug? Logs says everything is ok and the mail has been delerived.


Both 5.4.10 and 5.4.12 work, 5.4.11 does not. I've tested this 12 ways to Sunday without errors.

Maybe your make install-strip is not working or something? Take note that I'm not a dev, I'm just a tester.

With 5.4.11, the email would be delivered but with nothing in the email except the From and To headers. If this is not what you are seeing, something else is wrong somewhere.

If you aren't seeing the blank emails in the original To address, post your .qmail file here and we'll try to debug it. I'm off to eat and sleep soon and since Tom and Ken don't seem to be around right now, you may not get an answer back till the morning.



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