On Monday 09 May 2005 22:38, David Brohall wrote:
> So, is there any way around authvchkpw? I have been trying to use
> authmysql, but the databases are different. Authmysql seems to be made for
> one domain. All I want is to use IMAP with multiple domains on my x86_64
> system.

Hi David,

Just catching up on some old posts...I know you already solved this by using 
an older variant of courier-imap, but another solution should you run into 
difficulties is to simply use another IMAP server.  Both BincIMAP and Dovecot 
are great IMAP servers which run fine on x86_64 with qmail/vpopmail (and in 
my experiences, better-performing and less complex than Courier (however, my 
experience with Courier is rather dated this point and it's likely improved a 
lot - I haven't touched it since running into severe performance issues with 
large folders several years ago)).  You'll want to migrate subscriptions if 
you do as every IMAP server uses a different name and format of file for this 
(argh!), but that's pretty simple to accomplish with a for loop that recurses 
through every user directory, copies the old file to the new one, and 
search/replace with sed as necessary.

Maybe not the ideal solution, but an easy quick fix anyways, and anything's 
better than hours of customers complaining because something's broken...  You 
can even have a second server installed, configured, and ready to go in the 
case of an emergency.

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