oops. I guess I should have checked the mailing lists page before speaking. I 
do apologize.
I'm a little confused though. there are two mailing lists that discuss 
vpopmail, one is @inter7 the other is @sourceforge. only one gets questions 
about chkuser(and other software too, I presume), and the other doesn't? I'm 
sure it has been discussed multiple times but if the one @sf doesn't get much 
traffic maybe it'd be a good idea to kill it?


On Thu, Jun 16, 2005 at 10:46:38AM +0200, Lars Ulmann wrote:
-> Igor Grinchenko wrote:
-> >Also, please keep in mind that this is NOT chkuser mailing list. this is 
-> >VPOPMAIL mailing list.
-> >there are enough off-topic posts here already.
-> Then you might have a look at this:
-> regards
-> Lars

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