Hi Tonino, thanks for answering.

Documentation says it works with ezmlm and mailman.
Please, read the documentation!

Dude, let me tell you: I ran a 'find ezmlm' in your whole website and the only matches I found were these statements (shown bellow) explaining about settings inside chkuser_settings.h file:

               Enables checking of EZMLM mailing lists.
               In versions 2.0.5 and 2.0.6 it was named CHKUSER_ENABLE_LISTS.
CHKUSER_EZMLM_DASH 2.0.5 defined'-'
Defines the character used to start the extensions of mailing lists.
               [must always be defined if  CHKUSER_ENABLE_LISTS is defined]

Are you saying that one that never heard about chkuser before would read all that documentation and then find these statements in the middle of > 50 settings he never had seen so far and then conclude logically:

[start logic]
"Oh! (exclamation of a logical insight);

IF I read 30 lines above that chkuser has a CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT feature to block strange patterns in the mail addresses;

AND now I read that it contains a CHKUSER_ENABLE_EZMLM_LISTS feature to enable ezmlm lists;


It's logical!!";
[end logic]

(are you sure?)

I don't think so. I would never grasp this without asking on the mailing list. I think you could and a note on this somewhere close to the CHKUSER_RCPT_FORMAT and CHKUSER_SENDER_FORMAT documentation.

Well, it's just my opinion.

Also, I'm not asking about just ezmlm and mailman lists. Maybe there are other mailing lists or mail mechanisms that require not common characters on the RCPT and/or SENDER addresses.

Do you already know about an issue on this?

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