On Sunday 19 June 2005 13:53, Peter Palmreuther wrote:
> And dovecot is configured to explicitly use 'vchkpw' and 'vchkpw'
> is for sure the version from 'compile with
> --enable-clear-password' build?

Yes, there is only one vchkpw on the system.  If it's not using the 
correct vchkpw then it's reading the vpasswd files directly.

>      printf "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" |vchkpw /usr/bin/env
> 3<&0 - check if environment was printed (should be with correct
> password presented)
> - check 'vpasswd' and 'vpasswd.cdb'.

That works, but that's not useful since none of the client logins 
(pop3 or imap) update the password file.  SMTP logins *do*, but 
they are considerably more rare...

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