I would reccomend having your slackware server running MySQL or some
other type of database server.  The installing the mysql client binaries
and libraries on your "frontend" mail servers.  Compile vpopmail for
mysql (or the db backend of your choice) with replication.  Designate
your slackware server as your writing server, and the local boxes as
your reading server.

Then, on each local machine setup mysql replication from the "frontend"
mail server(s) as slaves to the master slackware server on the backend.
Then, mount your ~vpopmail/etc and ~vpopmail/domains, and possibly
~vpopmail/bin depending on how you want to set it up, via NFS from the
slackware backend server to your bsd frontend servers.

With a SQL server handling the authentication it will help you in a
couple of ways.  First is that you won't need to worry about file
locking issues since the the SQL server will take care of all of that.
Second would be improved performance, since you'll be querying a local
database instead of having to travel across NFS to deliver the mail.
And lastly, you could even apply the MySQL patch to tcpserver to do
pop-before-smtp authentication out of the MySQL database in place of the
cdb file.  This would only be a problem if you were getting so many pop
connections that it couldn't rebuild the cdb file fast enough.  Another
workaround for the whole rebuilding tcp.smtp.cdb file thing is to use
the relay-ctrl program from untroubled.org for relay control.


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Hey thanks... Let me explain the scenario a bit better.

NFS Server is a Slackware 10.1 box.
NFS Client (and qmail/vpopmail server) is a FreeBSD 5.4 box.

My server side client export file looks like this.

/mnt/hd/mail_store/test minoru(no_root_squash,rw,sync)

I believe the 'no_root_squash' flag is the equiv of the -maproot=0 for 
BSD/other OS's.

I'm not having any issue at all creating files, chowning, or chmoding.  
It seems that it's a simple locking problem.  [lockd] seems to be 
running on the NFS host, however I'm wondering if it's the difference in

NFS standards.  I've compiled vpopmail with the --disable-file-locking 
configure flag, and then everything seems to work fine, however it's not

very multi-user-safe.

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Andre Fortin wrote:

>I use NFS for my vpopmail directories, and haven't seen this..
>I'm assuming you're using CDB files for auth; that means the DB files
>all on NFS.  If you don't have your root mapped properly, you won't be
>to create files.  Try using -maproot=0 (freebsd, others may be similar)
>your exports on the NFS server, and re-mount the NFS mountpoint; see if
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>>Subject: [vchkpw] vpopmail via NFS
>>Has anyone tried to hold the vpopmail home as a NFS mount?
>>I've gotten the mount setup properly, and the permissions are fine,
>>however when adding a domain or a user I recieve the following error.
>>minoru# ./bin/vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>>Please enter password for [EMAIL PROTECTED]:
>>enter password again:
>>Failed while attempting to add user to auth backend
>>Error: no auth connection
>>If copy out all the files in the ~vpopmail mount, unmount, and copy
>>files into the now-local ~/vpopmail I do not have this problem.
>>Has anyone done this, or know what the problem is?
>>Thanks in advance.
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