/var/qmail/queue must be mounted locally.

Nitass Sutaveephamochanon wrote:
Thanks for advice. I will use it.

I have one more question. Have anyone used vpopmail via SMB protocol? I mean the vpopmail is mounted from windows to linux box. I have tried but it did not work. The qmail-send log message has shown as "delivery 16: failure: link_REALLY_failed".


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try using ntp

kenneth gf brown
ceo shadowplay.net

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Nitass Sutaveephamochanon wrote:
> Hello Rick,
> I got it. Thank you very much. :-)
> If you do not mind, could you please advice me how the time is
> involved
> to this issue?


A new message comes in.  The message gets stored on the NFS
server.  The time on the pop server is 10 minutes behind the
time on the NFS server, the pop server doesn't see the new
message until 10 minutes is passed because the time stamp on
the new message is 10 minutes in the future.



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