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>> How do you handle BCC entries using qmail-tap? My C is limited to very
>> basic understanding, so I see it runs some regex checks but against what?
>BCC is just an extra envelope recipient that isn't in the headers.
>qmail-tap uses the envelope information, and ignores headers.

Ok... I had that part about BCC only existing in the envelope... 

>> In the past when using the QUEUE_EXTRA code, I noticed I lost the
>> recipient as a variable for use($EXT and $HOST). It got changed to
>> I set up under QUEUE_EXTRA. Because of that I couldn't grab BCC emails.
>> $SENDER was still set just fine.
>that will occur here as well, because this is basically an extension to the
>QUEUE_EXTRA code, and just adds a recipient to queued messages.

My understanding was that the when addressed to someone on the BCC line it
simply existed as roughly [EMAIL PROTECTED] I thought each message only had one
envelope recipient so that to have the message go to multiple parties you
got multiple messages in the queue each with a different envelope recipient.
Am I way off on my "understanding" here? If so, is there an environment
variable that stores the BCC field or are we saying the same thing only
different. Currently I am migrating my logging down into my maildrop file to
catch the envelope recipients due to fact that queue_extra changes what I
know as the envelope recipient to log, which is set up as a an alias that
runs maildrop with a special filter file. If I can do it all at once and at
the queue level that would be great. My method doesn't seem to be the most
efficient yet it does work.

I think I am missing a piece here and I don't even know what to ask about...
I hope this makes enough sense...


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