Peter Palmreuther wrote:

> Hello Billy,
> On Saturday, July 2, 2005 at 6:32:47 PM Billy wrote:
>>>N.B.: Number of authentication should not play a role in accessing
>>>your cdb-file, if you're configured vpopmail to only use MySQL the cdb
>>>will be as static as your kernel: unless *you* change it, it won't
>>(I'm going by memory, so this is a paraphrase.)
>>If you aren't familiar with the Matt Simerson mysql patch, it was born
>>because there can be major lookup problems with the cdb file, especially
>>using POP before SMTP.
> Have tested it a long time ago and know why it was developed, albeit I
> don't actively use it.
>>Mysql has no problem with the above scenario, as it is designed for
>>heavy accesses and changes to its tables.
> Absolutely right.
> But: what's the matter with 'POP-before-SMTP done through MySQL' and
> additionally using a .cdb-file for static entries?
> Does the patch nevertheless a MySQL-lookup, even if something is found
> in .cdb-file? In this case a .cdb-file in fact wouldn't make much
> sense, except the fact the answer from MySQL could kept short (no
> result) and some parsing time could be spared.

Well, I had to look up the stuff myself.  I'm not completely positive,
but it looks like you can still use -x and the (Matt Simerson hack) -S, too.


I use a lot of Matt's stuff, but as you can see, this hack is for the
big leagues.  (I just looked at my service "run" files, which are
automatically generated.  No -S, just -x
/usr/local/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb  -- I don't do pop-before-smtp)

But using both, you do two reads per SMTP access.  Only consider that if
the cdb file is static, that small of a file will be resident in your
memory cache almost assuradly.  I think you are splitting hairs, until
you get a 10,000+ user system and benchmark it.

You will need to see the source hack to see what is done, when, and how,
or benchmark it.  Or ask Matt!


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