That's right. Most of the GNU/linux distributors are using sendmail but I
can assure you that the mailserver most robust, efficient and secure is by
far qmail. Sendmail has been out there for a long time and too many security
bugs have been found. They have been fixed though. 
Qmail has been developed after seen all the bugs and design problems
sendmail had to fix, and what really makes the difference is that qmail has
been developed with security in mind. His developer even offered a reward to
anyone who could find a security bug which still have not been claimed. It
has been developed in a modular way that makes it extreamly easy to add
functionality to it and much more.
Inter 7 did not develop qmail, they only offer tools to manage it and
sometimes add some functionality to it like vpopmail, etc.
Qmail is a master piece, I can assure you that. I don't know why most of the
distributors do not include qmail but nobody can deny that qmail has became
the most powerfull and secure mailserver ever and has been growing very very

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>does your boss have a rationale for his doubts, or are they based upon 
>a 'gut' feeling? usually doubts arise based upon shortcomings. what 
>shortcoming does your boss see in qmail (note, small 'q' - it is not 

OK. He wants to know if there is a tendency on the market for some other
mailserver. He asks me what mailservers the biggest linux/Unix distributors
are using on their products. For example, what's the mailserver shipped with
RedHat, Solaris, Mandrake, Debian, etc?  I really don't know. I believe all
of them are shipped only with Sendmail, but I'm not sure on this actually.

Do you know that?

Thank you very much,

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