I cannot name any company name but I used to work for a large
telecommunications provider. They are world leader for supplying mobile
operators with core network solutions like SMS and WAP. While designing
their MMS solution they had to choose an MTA to handle all the email
involved in MMS. Of all the options, they choose qmail becuase it was
secure, scalable and very reliable. Also their idea of scalable and
reliale is 99.999% uptime and 200 msg/sec.

That secures qmail as my mail server, always!!


> On Tue, 5 Jul 2005 15:05:22 -0300
> Bruno Negrão <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> >does your boss have a rationale for his doubts, or are they based
>> >upon a  'gut' feeling? usually doubts arise based upon shortcomings.
>> >what  shortcoming does your boss see in qmail (note, small 'q' - it
>> >is not  "Qmail").
>> OK. He wants to know if there is a tendency on the market for some
>> other  mailserver. He asks me what mailservers the biggest linux/Unix
>> distributors  are using on their products. For example, what's the
>> mailserver shipped  with RedHat, Solaris, Mandrake, Debian, etc?  I
>> really don't know. I  believe all of them are shipped only with
>> Sendmail, but I'm not sure on  this actually.
> Debian (and Ubuntu - based on Debian) and FreeBSD all use Exim by
> default. I'm not sure about any Linux distros other than Debian.
> I've seen a couple ISPs and such before that use sendmail - but that was
> simply a mandate from the higher ups that didn't know anything about
> mail servers. Evidently Sendmail was the only software name they
> recognized, so they decided it needed to be the only one used in their
> company - none of the techs liked it.
> Personally, I think sticking with qmail is a pretty good choice.
> HTH,
> Jacob

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