On Tuesday 05 July 2005 17:45, Kyle Wheeler wrote:

> Ahh... well, don't get too anxious for people to drop their MS Outlooks.
> I've yet to see a webmail that provides the speed and convenience (and
> offline access) that a good client-side mail browser can (not that I'm
> defending MS Outlook or anything).

Here's how:

eaccelerator, zend accelerator or turck-mmcache
Squirrelmail w/Zlib compression turned on
Courier Imap w/Inotify(Dnotify if you must)
Linux 2.6 kernels all around

I'm always amazed when I have to use our webmail for some reason.  It's 
blinding fast.

> hand before, and I currently use the Debian package -- they're about

Great.  Now apt-get install imapproxy, configure and marvel.  :)

> The best I've gotten here is a homemade tiny squirrelmail plugin that
> puts a link to qmailadmin on the squirrelmail login page. If anyone's
> interested, I can post it (though it's really and truly trivial).

Sure, if it's a plugin.  That would possibly save me some editing time for 

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