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Well, let me see. I guess if vchkpw is using MySQL backend, then I think the vacation message stuff has gotta be in MySQL... Hadn't thought of that, but there it is.

Personally, I use qmailadmin, but my users usually don't. But that's just a policy decision. Anyway, I think Tom Collins wrote it, more or less, or maintains it. Surprised he hasn't said something here yet.

I didn't write QmailAdmin, but I've put a lot of time into it since at least 1.0.10. I moved it to SourceForge, and have actively maintained it for the past 2+ years.

"Vacation message stuff" is actually stored in the user's .qmail file (a call to autorespond) and a directory called "vacation" stored in the user's directory (that autorespond uses).

I haven't really followed this discussion, but IIRC the OP wants to use Horde's interface for setting a vacation message. If they're not using QmailAdmin, they could add a program to the .qmail-default file for the domain to check for a vacation message before handing off to vdelivermail for delivery.

Or, they could modify vdelivermail to check for a vacation message before doing the final Maildir delivery.

Or, they could write out a .qmail file in the user's directory to send the vacation message before doing the final Maildir delivery.

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