Hi everyone,

Apologies if this is a FAQ, I've searched all over Google but can't seem to
find a solution to this.

Running vpopmail 5.4.10 (latest stable) we are having a problem with quotas
usage being inaccurate. For example one account was using 100 kilobytes of disk
space, but vuserinfo was showing they were using 50 megabytes instead.

Until we could get to the bottom of this problem I was going to increase
their quota to 60 mb so they would quit getting the 'warning, almost over
quota' emails... As soon as I adjusted their quota with vsetuserquota,
vuserinfo realized they were not using much space at all, now it's showing
0% quota usage.

I thought I had found something saying this was fixed in the devel version
5.4.12 but after installing that I just get errors about "can't find
table vpopmail.vpopmail" despite using the same ./configure options (and
despite vpopmail.mysql still being in /home/vpopmail/etc)

./configure --enable-roaming-users --enable-clear-passwd \
--enable-logging=p --disable-ip-alias-domains --disable-passwd \
--enable-domain-quotas --enable-auth-module=mysql --disable-many-domains \
--enable-auth-logging --enable-sql-logging --disable-mysql-limits \
--enable-relay-clear-minutes=60 --enable-tcpserver-file=/etc/tcp.smtp

This is running on a CentOS 4 server with SELinux disabled completely.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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