On Jul 27, 2005, at 6:20 AM, Jeremy Martin wrote:

Hey all,

On Thursday, July 21, 2005,5:02:20 PM, Rick wrote:
There are at least 2 problems with quota in Vpopmail/Qmail that I'm
trying to track down.

Before I write a script to look up all the email accounts current quotas and
vsetuserquota them to the same value (which seems to recalculate their
quota correctly)... any idea what version of vpopmail doesn't have this
problem I could revert back to?


None that i can think of. Quota's have been broken since the beginning of time, okay i exaggerate, they have never fully worked, as the cooperation of all the things accessing the Maildir is needed, that means that every program that uses the virtual quota's needs to be virtual quota aware, which can be a problem.

Also, since quota's are saved in one file, and that file has to be updated by each program, you can have deadlocks while one waits on the other to give up their lock on the file, which can cause inconsistencies and or slowdowns in my experience. Since recalculating quota's each time vdelivermail is run would take ages, a file was used, as said above, this is not really such a good idea on busy mail servers with lots of busy accounts.

I personally suggest looking into file system quota's or at least finding a way to make sure the quota file is rebuild when the server is not busy by creating a small program/script which recalculates the quota daily at 0000 hours.

Jan-Willem Regeer
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