Hi peoples!
 I'm having a problem one with vpopmail or vhostadmin... I don't know.
When I log into vhostadmin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) I only view 3 optins. mail about logout
 and I do not get list all users, change others users  and other
admins options. I'm using the vpopmail 5.5.3 and vhostadmin-CVS (23/07/2005).
 I set the the vmoduser  -a ( grant qmailadmin administrator
privileges) options to postmaster and even so and I don't get the FULL
options.. I only view the postmaster account options, when I try set -S ( system administrator privileges - access all domains ) happen this error vmoduser: invalid option -- S I'm using cdb auth.... Do you have any idea of how to solve this problem!?

very greats

I'm confused


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