On Tuesday 26 Jul 2005 16:18, Listas barbarojo wrote:
> I provide web hosting with email accounts using apache and qmail (managed
> with vpopmail). I don't use quota disk but I control periodically disk used
> by all my users and let them know when need to upgrade their account, etc.
> This is done automatically with a couple of perl scripts running with cron.
> So far everything works just fine but it would be great if the email
> accounts and web hosting space could be setup on the same directory.
> Instead of web sites in /home/virtuals/DOMAIN/www/htdocs and vpopmail
> domain in /home/vpopmail/DOMAIN/blablabla I want to setup up vpopmail so
> than everything is located in /home/virtual/DOMAIN/blablabla Is this
> possible?

Are you sure you want this?
vpopmail keeps everything under one owner, and your users cannot mess with it, 
much better than the traditional way of running qmail, with unix users able 
to access their Maildirs and .qmail files via ftp. You could run proftpd with 
chroot to get around it, but you would still have mixed ownership problems.

Of course it makes life easier for handling quotas, but then mail quota and 
web quota are different and have different needs. I would suggest that 
leaving vpopmail where it is is more secure than throwing them both together 
and though vpopmail quotas is not quite up to scratch there are improvements 
in the pipeline.

my 2 bits worth
Bob Hutchinson
Midwales dot com

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