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>>> So far everything works just fine but it would be great if the email
>>> accounts and web hosting space could be setup on the same directory. 
>>> Instead of web sites in /home/virtuals/DOMAIN/www/htdocs and vpopmail 
>>> domain in /home/vpopmail/DOMAIN/blablabla I want to setup up vpopmail 
>>> so than everything is located in /home/virtual/DOMAIN/blablabla Is this
>>> possible?
>> Yes. Use '-d' switch for 'vadddomain':
>> mkdir /home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail
>> vadddomain -d /home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail DOMAIN
>> and vpopmail will put all DOMAIN related files to
>> '/home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail' and set up '/var/qmail/users/assign'
>> accordingly. Beware: vpopmail will create a directory named 'domains'
>> in './mail/', so the final structure will be:
>> /home/virtual/DOMAIN/mail/domains/DOMAIN
>> but that shouldn't really matter as long as the goal is to get all files of
>> a DOMAIN into one directory and its children.

> What if I intead of /home/virtual/DOMAIN for each web site domain I use
> /home/virtual/domains/DOMAIN/...?
> That way I can setup the email accounts with the following:
> vadddomain -d /home/ test1.com.ar
> vadddomain -d /home/ test2.com.ar
> vadddomain -d /home/ test3.com.ar
> ....

1) vadddomain -d /home/virtual ...
2) Maybe it's easier to
   * usermod -d /home/virtual vpopmail
   * recompile vpopmail
   * modify paths in /var/qmail/assign
   * modify paths in /home/vpopmail/domains/*/.qmail-*
 [ * modify paths in /home/vpopmail/domains/*/*/.qmail ]

This way you don't have to '-d' parameter every vadddomain call, but
still have domains mail and can have their HTDOCS in /home/virtual.

> The only problem would be the permissions. How would that be?

Apache can be run as user vpopmail, if it only serves domains from
your vpopmail name space.
Two Apaches with x (x >= 2) IP addresses solve the problem of domain
not handled by vpopmail being served. First one running as vpopmail,
second (third, whatever) one running as usual web user.

What's your concrete problem/desire/imagination/wish?
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