At 18.58 26/07/2005, you wrote:
> If it works telnetting to port 25, then it should work from anywhere,
> as the protocol is the same and the programs are the same.
> What are logs saying about rejected/lost messages?

The logs say nothing.

Is there any chkuser log in /var/log/maillog (or whener you keep your logs)?

Are your logs active?

My starting script has
        "/var/qmail/bin/qmail-smtpd-smtp 2>&1 | splogger mymxname &"
in the last line (I don't use supervise), so my chkuser logs are active.

If your logs are active and see no chkuser logs, problem is elsewhere.

What I had noticed is that sending through an email
client, the messages do not appear to hit my system at all and are sent to
my mailbackup.  once i switch back, the mail starts comming in from the
mailbackup as normal.

Are you sure the problem is in chkuser or qmail? If mails are going to backup MX it looks the problem is elsewhere.

Are your clients sending to a fix relay, or are they using the best MX, routing by themselves?

>>  * Uncomment this to enable uid/gid changing
>>  * (switching UID/GID is NOT compatible with TLS; you may keep this
>>commented if you have TLS)
>>  */
> Are you using this the right way, putting right setuid/setgid bits on
> over patched qmail-smtpd?

I am not sure, I belive this was uncommended and didnt change it at all.
I am not using any TLS patches [I couldnt get them to work at the time so
i stopped trying].
I didnt think it would hurt to leave it enabled.

It should be the same, as it should switch from vpopmail user to vpopmail user.

Anyway, comment it (default) if you are simply running as vpopmail.


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