At 11.56 21/09/2005, you wrote:
Now, it seems the patch didnt like working with auth-jms1.4a.patch(auth patch) and/or qmail-1.03-jms1.5.patch (tls patch).

I got the auth patch from the vpopmail contrib dir and tried with that, leaving the ones mentioned above out of it and then patched

Sorry, I never try those patches.
Can you try them WITHOUT chkuser and check if problem comes from chkuser?

[Not related strictly to the problem, but may help... When possible I suggest to put auth system on different addresses than normal smtp, and disable chkuser, because Outlook does not handle correctly "KO" messages and it would be preferable to send back to sender a normal mail delivery message (user are trusted, so there should be no risk of spam disabling chkuser). Or, set up a variable excluding chkuser when user is authenticated.]


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