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Jimmy Stewpot wrote:


It appears that the server has not created the users in a hash format.
Is there any way to convert the format to a hash easily?


Not without deleting and re-adding all the users I think.  Do you know
how vpopmail was configured and what version it is ?

It appears as though there has been some sort of hack together. The mail
store is in the /domain/all_users/Maildir/* The original mail store was
moved over from a non vpopmail system and new accounts have not been
created in the hash. Is there any easy way to migrate from large non
vpopmail to vpopmail setups?

I have been searching for tools to do this and have found very little.

I've done it a few times (sendmail to vpopmail, 30K+ users) with scripts etc to create the new users using the vpopmail tools, then again using scripts to get their Maildir directories from vpopmail and then moving the mail over.

I've never just moved over an existing mail store directly, since of course, it doesn't create the hashes correctly.

There are a few different ways to do it depending on your backend, if you are using MySQL, then you can just update the mysql database with the user and password, leaving the maildir directory blank and it will automatically be updated when you pop into the account or sendmail to the account (really fast for creating 10K+ users). If you are using the cdb interface, then you will have to create the users using the vpopmail tools, which might take 5-15 minutes depending on the number of users, disk speeds, CPU etc.



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