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>>> Everything is possible, but I think you'd better switch Apache's
>>> DocumentRoot to (let's say) /home/vpopmail/domains/blabla/htdocs/
>>> than to modify vpopmail's default locations.
>> Why?

> Well, assuming he has an already established, up and running setup, I
> think it's easier to move existing www directories than to move the
> existing virtual mail domains.
> For example, on a running system it's quite handy (IMO) to restart
> Apache with a modified configuration for virtual hosts and test the
> changes, instead of playing with the email system.

Confirmed this is most probably right, shouldn't the decision not be
"what's easier now to change" but better "what's the necessity behind
this change"?

What if I've already set up additional to Apache & vpopmail a ProFTPD
which authenticates virtual users against a database and uses their
"home directory" somewhere within these several htdocs? And/or if
there are already scripts that assume file locations in one/some of
the htdocs-dirs? Or a lot of other possibilities that show a
dependency on "old" htdocs-directories? Or if 'htdocs' are located on
a partition with far more disk space available (because domains might
host a *very* lot of / very big files) and vpopmail is on a smaller
one, that might not be big enough for vpopmail *and* htdocs (while the
other one is).

That would *maybe* make it easier to migrate vpopmail-domains to the new
location, wouldn't it?

Don't get me wrong, I don't intend to say this is the case anytime,
anywhere. I just think it is *not* _better_ to switch Apaches
DocumentRoot, but it is just *one* possible way that *might* end up in
lesser work to do. *MIGHT*, if circumstances are good.

So we should be careful with advises what's better or worse, unless we
know all the facts. I think we should concentrate on advises *what's
possible* and let decide the originator to decide what's better (or
ask again about that ;-) ).

As always: no offense intended ;-)
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

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