Hmm I noticed I didnt compile with domainquota's the first time.

After compiling with the support, I do get a bounce msg now the user is overquota??

user limit = -1
Domainquota = 16 MB(just to test)

What exact is broken about it?

At 18:00 8/5/2005, you wrote:
Bastiaan van der Put wrote:


I have been using vpopmail with user quota's for some time now.

I want to move to domainlimits, is it possible to set the user quota to -1
and domainquota to say 500 MB on a domain.

If the 500 MB is reached for the domain will the emails be bounced or does vpopmail
accept it because the user limit has -1?


Domain quotas do not work.

The only available option is to use system quotas and create a new user for each domain.



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