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Yes I know they are " Broken",  however... I saw a recent post (I
on this list) claiming it works to 2G, is this the case?

In other words, If I wanted to introduce a low cost  Email only plan,
that allows them to have unlimited email accounts and aliases but cant
occupy more than 2G of disk space, will this in fact actually work?

Is this the only thing that it is broken with, not being able to
2G ?

I actually used domain limits for about a year.  This was on a fairly
busy set of servers, and I couldn't figure out why the load was always
so high on the servers and there was so much network traffic.  Domain
limits are horrible.  On every message that goes through the system,
vpopmail adds up the size of all the messages in all the mailboxes.  I'm
still not sure why it's even a configuration option still...


5.4.12 - released 4-Jul-04

        Tom Collins
        - configure: remove enable-domainquotas option until the domain
        quota code is fixed.

If you can show me it is back, I'll delete it again. I don't see it in ./configure --help for 5.4.20 though...

Don't hold your breath on a fix. Someone has to figure out how to stop the system hogging effect of enabling domain quotas on an existing machine that does not already use it. This problem shows up as a self-inflicted DOS attack on your server when every message received results in the file usage of its domain. I would have expected it to level out once it finally had totals in place for all maildirs, but Tren's experience seems to show that is false.

I think we can safely say that domain quotas within vpopmail are dead, and if you need them follow Tren's advice below...

If you want to provide a domain wide limit, use the kernels quota tools
and create the domain with a unique user ID.  It's pretty well
documented in the archives of the list.

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