On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 10:32 -0500, Matt Brookings wrote:
> Well, the other more important thing I didn't mention is that account
> limitations are not a function of vpopmail, but of qmailadmin.  If
> you're going to use qmailadmin, and you want limits, stick to
> qmailadmin.  Why even use command-line utilities?

I know that the .qmailadmin-limits file was for qmailadmin, but i didnt
think the limits table was created for this as well. Maybe im wrong, i
dont run qmailadmin. I dont like it personally. If the limits was just
for qmailadmin however, i would have expected it to be either a patch,
or something in the contrib dir rather than being a compile time option
in vpopmail. Currently I run a php admin console which does most tasks
for me, but the vpopmaild daemon is a much better idea, which is why im
moving down that path.


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