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Shane Chrisp wrote:
| Im not saying that it should deny root from creating an account, but I
| would think that it would at least report that the account would take
| the account over the configured quota? Otherwise what is the point of
| having such a system available? I would have expected an overide switch | rather than just blind creation of an account, but thats just *my* way
| of thinking.

Well, the other more important thing I didn't mention is that account
limitations are not a function of vpopmail, but of qmailadmin.  If
you're going to use qmailadmin, and you want limits, stick to
qmailadmin.  Why even use command-line utilities?

Well, the code has to exist in vdelivermail to check the account limits, why can't they be set using the command line tools, considering the rest of it is based on command line tools? It kind of has a weird feeling to it to have something in the code which only works if you use a certain program to create the accounts, while those using the standard utilities don't get to make use of those functions unless they decide to write their own scripts to handle the creation of the limits.

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