Hello Wouter,

Remove the 'recordio' calls, they won't tell you anything you wouldn't
see in 'telnet' also.
Open a telnet to port 110, use 'ps' to figure the PID of 'qmail-popup'
you're connected to and execute

strace -fFtTo /tmp/qmail-popup.log -s 128 -p $PID

Than try to log in. The log you provided does not contain enough
information and seems to be a trace of the wrong process for figuring
out the reason of your problem (you seems to have traced the telnet,
not the qmail-popup process).

Please send the *complete*, unaltered trace output; every cutting,
editing or "information hiding" might lead to wrong results. I'd
therefore assume you use a test account you are about to delete after
your problem is solved, for not accidentally revealing a real e-mail
address or password.
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

..."My coat contained a furnace where there used to be a guy."

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