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Hi we've been battling a very strange problem with our server for awhile
now.  Periodically when a user tries to send mail (using smtp auth), or
check his/her pop3 box, we get auth failures. What happens is youll have to
auth 3-4 times before it'll actually go through (even though you are
entering the same credentials every time). It is very frustrating. Upon
examining the logs here is what we are getting:

Aug 21 10:08:04 mail authdaemond: vmysql: sql error[3]: Lost connection to
MySQL server during query

Now I know the username/pw work to connect to the database because it does eventually auth. The mysql server is on the same machine as well. Anybody
have any ideas what this could be indicative of?

Mysql server 4.1.8
Vpopmail 5.4.10

It happens occasionally when you don't allow enough connections to your MySQL server. Try increasing the connections in the my.cnf (and look at increasing some of the buffers etc as well).



You can check this by doing:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$ mysqladmin -u root -p extended-status|grep connections
Enter password:
| Max_used_connections     | 25         |

Then compare that number to the number specified in my.cnf.

Roman Volf
Keystreams Internet Solutions

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