Riccardo Bini wrote:

Alle 08:33, giovedì 11 agosto 2005, Tom Collins ha scritto:
On Aug 5, 2005, at 12:14 PM, Riccardo Bini wrote:
I have vpopmail 5.4.10, /home dir in nfs and quota enabled
Each virtual domain has a user (vadddomain -u user domain.com) and the
has a system quota (filesystem quota).
Well, when a user is over quota the emails are delivered with size 0.
It's possible to have vdelivermail check system quota for the user and
the email with warnmessage?
Please test with vpopmail 5.4.12 and let me know if you continue to
have problems.  I tried to address some issues like that in the
vdelivermail rewrite, but I may have missed a few cases.

I'll hold on to your message and try to review the vdelivermail code
the next time I have an opportunity to work on it.

ok.. with 5.4.12 works but not as I would want 8-)
I mean when vdelivermail deliver the email and the user is over system quota vdeliver return a "deferral: system_error/". vdelivermail would have to return "user is over quota" with an 'deliver_quota_warning'. Instead the email keep in queue like an error message.

Vpopmail currently does not support system quotas. Something would have to be written and added to vpopmail to support that.



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