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The reason I'm asking is that I currently use vpopmaild but I must have an "old" version from a previous 5.5.3 install as I'm currently using vpopmail 5.4.12 which doesn't have vpopmaild. I'd like to write a plugin for qpsmtpd that talks to vpopmaild to validate local delivery addresses.

Is this something vpopmaild is currently capable of? e.g. check the validity of an email address and return the "real" delivery address

For example, when supplied with the address "[EMAIL PROTECTED]", check for things like qmail extensions being enabled, whether [EMAIL PROTECTED] exists, is there a catchall for the domain, etc.

Assume extensions are enabled, and the following users are defined:


This is what I'd expect to see returned

email address           "real address"
======================  ================

if you can write a plug-in which reads a cdb file, i've already written a script which generates a list of every valid email address on a vpopmail system. i wrote it because i also wrote a patch for qmail-smtpd which checks RCPT TO arguments against the cdb file.

http://qmail.jms1.net/patches/validrcptto.cdb.shtml explains the patch, and the bottom half of the page talks about the script. if it can help you, feel free...

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