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Hi Dave,

I just discovered that the chkuser-2.0.8b-release ships with a netqmail-1.05_auth-0.4.2_chkuser-2.0.8.patch. Maybe this is the patch Matt is referring to.

vpopmail ships with an auth patch in the contrib directory. That chkuser version was adapted to that patch.

And I'm not sure, but I guess that this patch is Dr Erwin's auth patch(the one shipped in vpopmail's contrib directory) but with adaptations to be compatible to chkuser.

The contrary: netqmail-1.05_auth-0.4.2_chkuser-2.0.8.patch has been adapted to be applied after the auth patch in vpopmail's contrib.

But I could not find any documentation about what exactly netqmail-1.05_auth-0.4.2_chkuser-2.0.8.patch is.
The release.tar package contains some .patch files, ready for installation, trying to simplify the most frequent situations.
You may use one of these patches if you have these sources:
a clean qmail 1.03 or netqmail 1.05
qmail 1.03 or netqmail 1.05 patched with auth-0.4.2 (distributed with vpopmail within the contrib dir, author Erwin Hoffmann -
qmail 1.03 or netqmail 1.05 patched with toaster-0.6-1 (author Bill Shupp - see for more info or newer releases) Tonino

If someone out there knows, tell me please.

Thanks in advance,
Bruno Negrao

I don't think he meant it would replace a smtp-auth solution ( I saw the message as well). I use the smtp auth patch included in the contrib directory though I cannot comment on how well it works with chkuser as I run a smtp-auth daemon seperate on another port and let my PIX restrict who has access to smtp-auth.


Thank you in advance,
Bruno Negrao.

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Bruno Negrao wrote:

Making a research in vchkpw's mailing list archive I discovered that
vpopmail ships a smtp authentication patch in the "contrib" directory.
People are using it.

Inter7 uses the chkusr patch, and it works just as well with SMTP
authentication, and with eMPF.
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