I had already tried this, however, I pipe the output of the command to a log file which I check most days to ensure it is still working. For some reason the errors don't go to the log but get sent to root. If I use -q I get no
output in the log even.
Hi Andrew,

Well, it seems to be a silly mistake - i believe your error messages are going to root because your pipe is redirecting only the stdout of the first command, letting the stderr to the console (which is forwarded to root).

Try this:

command_a 2>&1 | command_b

And I read your posting about using a LDAP server in order to have a synchronized backup server. I don't know if you are aware that when you use the vpopmail LDAP backend only the authentication data will be synchronized. You'll still need to use rsync in order to copy the maildirs. (I'm sorry if you already know that). So maybe you wouldn't like to move to LDAP and keep using vpopmail.cdb backend and rsync to synchronize.


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