I'm hosting about 100 domains and we recently built a new box and moved
the domains over to it (specs below).  Everything in general is working
stellar, however, since we moved, our clients are getting random prompts
for POP password.  Doesn't seem to be any pattern as to who or when.
It'll be fine for a week, then one day they'll get several prompts for
passwords.  99% have their password saved, and sometimes they can keep
clicking to send the same password and it'll go through.  Sometimes not
- they'll call me, I'll change the password (just reset to what it was
originally), and it works.  For those that have their clients always on
and set to automatically check every X mintues, they will return from
being away and find the prompt or a failed message, myself included.  
I see nothing in the logs that shed a light as to what is going on.
My concurrency is 100, with both POP3 and SMTP maxing out at about 25 at the 
busiest of times.

Any advice or pointing in the right direction is appreciated.

AMD64 Whitebox
Gentoo, 2.6.11
qmail - 1.03-r16
cmd5checkpw - 0.30
relay-ctrl 3.1.1-r2

Thank you.

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