On Oct 1, 2005, at 1:16 PM, Brian Downey wrote:
The bounce-no-mailbox works when junk heads to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]', but when adding a dash extension onto any /existing/ address, such as [EMAIL PROTECTED], it gets delivered. Even while the address does not specifically exist in the database or a corresponding .qmail-whatever file.

Is this expected behavior? It's somewhat frustrating since there are a few lists out there that got ahold of my older email addresses (bdowney-something) and everything gets delivered no matter what.

Yes, that is expected behavior. It may only apply if you compile with the --enable-qmail-ext configure option though.

One workaround would be to create a .qmail-bdowney-blablablah file with the following:

|/var/qmail/bin/bouncesaying 'Nonexistent account'

All mail to that address will bounce. Of course, chkuser will still accept the message instead of rejecting it at the SMTP level, but it's better than having to deal with the mail.

Another option would be to just put '#' in the .qmail file to delete the message without delivering it.

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