Gerard Earley wrote:
I'm running a vpopmail server setup with courier-imap with-authvchkpw and authorising from a mysqlDB and I am wonder if it is possible to restrict which protocols a particular user or domain has access to?

For instance can I have the server running pop3, pop3s, imap & imaps but only allow:
   [EMAIL PROTECTED] access to the pop3's but not the imap's?
   [EMAIL PROTECTED] access to the pop3s, not pop3, imaps & no access to imap.
Or any any other combination, you get the idea. . ..  .

Many thanks in advance

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Do ~vpopmail/bin/vmoduser

Look at the output and set the flags as you see fit for each user.

vmodomain does the same but on the domain level.

You can't set pop and not pops how ever.



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