Is there any way, with vpopmail, to have specify a .qmail file to be
processed as a user?  For instance:

- Mail comes in for [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- qmail-local delivers mail as vpopmail/vpopmail using
- Something in vpopmail kicks in, recognizes that joe has his own .qmail
  file in /home/joe/.qmail, which should be processed as joe
- /home/joe/.qmail processed as joe
- Delivery as normal

I (and my users) can modify ~vpopmail/domains/
through qmailadmin, but they can't add | lines.

Is there a sensible way to allow this?  Frankly, it seems that I'm
defeating the purpose of vpopmail -- I would get rid of it if it didn't
mean getting rid of better control/management of lists.

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