On 2005-11-22, at 2015, James Longstreet wrote:
Is there any way, with vpopmail, to have specify a .qmail file to be
processed as a user?  For instance:

- Mail comes in for [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- qmail-local delivers mail as vpopmail/vpopmail using
- Something in vpopmail kicks in, recognizes that joe has his own .qmail
  file in /home/joe/.qmail, which should be processed as joe

if "example.com" is handled using vpopmail, then the fact that there happens to be a system account with the name "joe" is meaningless.

if "example.com" is handled as a "local" domain (i.e. "example.com" is listed in control/locals or control/me) then vpopmail never enters the picture.

- /home/joe/.qmail processed as joe
- Delivery as normal

if you need "example.com" to be handled by vpopmail for every mailbox EXCEPT joe, then you need to add a line to control/virtualdomains which looks like this:

        [EMAIL PROTECTED]:joe

then send an ALRM signal to (or just stop and restart) qmail-send.

and then the .qmail file in joe's home directory would handle email addressed to "[EMAIL PROTECTED] locals me`", while .qmail-default (or .qmail- joe) would handle mail sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

the qmail-send man page explains this (maybe not with so much detail, but the raw facts are there) in the section about the virtualdomains file.

I (and my users) can modify ~vpopmail/domains/example.com/user/.qmail
through qmailadmin, but they can't add | lines.

Is there a sensible way to allow this?  Frankly, it seems that I'm
defeating the purpose of vpopmail -- I would get rid of it if it didn't
mean getting rid of better control/management of lists.

vpopmail isn't the cause of this problem- you're simply running into the limit of what qmailadmin allows the user to do. it probably wouldn't take much for them to add the ability to enter arbitrary lines (including "|" lines) but they haven't done it- probably because very few people need it. it is entirely possible to write your own web interface to run instead of qmailadmin (and of course in place of vqadmin, which i still believe to be pure and utter crap) and in fact i wrote one years ago, after vpopmail came out but before qmailadmin existed.

there's also the fact that this would expose another bug (or poor design decision) in vpopmail- when vpopmail is tied to mysql, the "valias" table (which contains the lines normally stored in .qmail-* files) have no sequence field- so if you have a .qmail file which requires a definite sequence (i.e. runs "condredirect" on one line, and then something else after it) and store those lines in the mysql "valias" table, there would be no guarantee that the "condredirect" line would be run first.

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