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I find the documentation for vpopmail very lacking on the subject of uid/gid handling. Where does vpopmail look up the uid/gid information for virtual domains (and their users) when using the default flat file db?


Why is the uid/gid information hard-coded to vpopmail on the configuration phase of compile? Just to make life harder for everyone, or for security reasons?

The same reason as qmail. Speed. The configuration file would have to be accessed for every email delivered. How often you you change the UID/GID values?

How can I change the uid/gid numbers for existing domains?
If not, is there any way to transfer all users from one domain to  another?

man qmail-users

Be sure the uid/gid on the directory in ~vpopmail/domains/ match.

Another possibility:

vaddomain newdomain

mv ~vpopmail/domains/olddomain ~vpopmail/domains/newdomain

vdeldomain olddomain

Unless you need system quotas, it is usually easiest to run all users as vpopmail:vchkpw.

PS. I find vpopmail just as unflexible as qmail, does anyone have good suggestions for an alternative to vpopmail? (Like a "Postfix" of virtual user IMAP/POP3 authentication systems...)

I don't care to use any other alternative, so I can't help you there.

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