Make sure you check permissions on the mailfilter file.  Should be
vchkpw.vpopmail and chmod 600

One thing you can do is echo out information to a temp file as you're

`echo $HOME > /tmp/home.txt`

I think that should work.  May help in debugging.

Are you running the latest version of maildrop?

This seems to be turning more into a maildrop discussion than a vpopmail
discussion.  Email me direct and we can continue the discussion.



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> Zitat von "Charles J. Boening" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > I don't believe you need the "HOME=$HOME/$EXT" line.  $HOME should 
> > point to the user directory containing Maildir.
> The first error was, that maildrop has forgotton the 
> username. So HOME=$HOME/$EXT ends in the absolute path to the 
> maildir for me.
> >
> > I've had problems with maildrop when I first set things up.  It was 
> > like indentation had to be a certain way or something.  Of 
> course, it 
> > could just be that while changing indentation I fixed 
> something else.
> >
> > I would put both commands on the same line.
> I've tried it with one line and other variants. I printed out 
> the commands an tried it manually on the commandline - 
> everything works fine. When I try to call these commands from 
> inside the mailfiler - nothing happens even not, when I try 
> to call TEST=`ls`.
> >
> > Again, here's the way I do it and it works.  Not sure about the 
> > changes you made or why.  You don't need the whole path 
> when testing 
> > for the .SPAM folder.  Everything can be relative to where the 
> > maildrop script is run from.
> >
> I've allready tried it with relative paths. The same error shows up...
> > Also, check your logs.  Maildrop errors will show up.
> >
> Yeah, I get the maildrop:_Unable_to_create_a_dot-lock. error 
> because the target Maildir doesn't exists.
> Thanks for any help.
> Regards
> Christoph

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