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that is easy done with the configuration of the .qmail - file with is in the
directory under:
/home/vopopmail/domains/domail.com/user1/.qmail <-

Open this file, e.g. with vi like this:
# vi  /home/vopopmail/domains/domail.com/user1/.qmail

and add the following line :


two points with this:

- you should probably do "chmod +t" on the domain's directory, and "chmod -t" on the domain's directory after you are through. turning this flag on tells qmail-local to not attempt any deliveries to the domain while you are editing the .qmail-* files within the directory- if qmail-local were to try and do a delivery while a .qmail-* file were only halfway written, who knows where the message might end up. (does "vdelivermail" respect this flag as well? if not, it needs to.)

- if the file did not already exist and you are creating it for the first time, you also need to add a line which puts a copy of the message into user1's maildir (unless you want user1 to NOT receive a copy of the message.) you should also use "chown" to make sure the new .qmail-* file is owned by the vpopmail user.

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