Hi all,
           I have an old system running in sendmail and I am in the process of migrating to qmail. But I am stuck up while I am trying to migrate virtualhosts.
            In my old system, even virtual-host users are authenticated by /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow. For eg: if i had a domain test.com and one of its users as simple, ie [EMAIL PROTECTED] ,then there were entries like:
test.com        error:
[EMAIL PROTECTED]    someusername
         in /etc/mail/virtualhosts in the sendmail system.
and someusername was present along with his password in /etc/shadow.
            How do I solve this problem out in qmail ? I want to have virtual hostings but with users being authentcated from /etc/shadow file......
           I dont want to authenticate virtually hosted users from ~vpopmail/domains/domain_name/vpasswd. ( I dont want to authenticate from this as it will be too difficult for me to migrate passwords of those users from /etc/shadow to these respective files)
        Any feasible solutions ???
     Thanking you

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