I use qmail1.03 on FreeBSD. I have one domain. The domain has about 5000
users. I store at a plaintext file informations of users and password. My
users have a username, a password and an emailadress.
My authentication script looks at their username and password not
User names of them may be different from their emailadresses.
I want to upgrade my pop3 server on vpopmail that's why has many features.
I see that vchkpw checks emailaddress of any user. That is, an user's
username is emailaddress of the same user.
I want to install vpopmail with mysql-auth-module.
How can I migrate my system to vpopmail without change the username 
settings of my users ?
I go through a bit Readme,installation instruction,Faq,vmysql.h in Vpopmail
But I could not solve my problem.
if you help me I will be pleased.

Best Regards.

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