Hi list. I have a strange question here. 
I was running through and doing maintenance, removing some alias domains and
so forth.  I checked information from /home/vpopmail/bin/vdominfo and there
is one domain that is showing incorrect information:

domain: mydomain.com
uid:    508
gid:    503
dir:    /home/vpopmail/domains/mydomain.com
users:  2147483645

The amount of users shown on that domain is incorrect as you could guess.
This is the only domain that reports back incorrect information when I use
the vdominfo command.  About six months ago I moved users from another
domain name hosted on the box into this domain. (I created the new domain
then moved the user directories and .qmail files from the other domain to
this one. I had to manually edit the paths in the vpasswd file so that they
pointed to the correct location per user then recreate the vpasswd.cdb
file.)  That is the only thing different about this domain compared to the
others that I am hosting on the same box.  

The directory structure looks ok.  Permissions look ok - at least they are
the same as the other domains and as far as I can tell all the email
accounts are working properly.  
cat vpasswd.cdb |cdbdump |wc -l gives me 43 addresses.  Everything there
looks ok.  Any ideas what I should do to try and find out why vdominfo is
giving me inaccurate info on this domain?

Mark De Groot

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