Rick Macdougall wrote:
> devnull wrote:
>> Help !!
>> I need to transfer a vpopmail domain from my old server to the new one
>> but the old one is installed under /var/vpopmails/domain/* and the new
>> under /home/vpopmail/domains/*
>> I've tryed to modify by hand the passwd and the passwd.cdb files
>> changing the path but it dont work
>> any suggestion?
> You'll need to modify the /var/qmail/users/assign file as well as the
> vpasswd files.  Make sure the path AND the uid/gid are correct.
> Regards,
> Rick
Solved !!
My assign file was correct :-|
I think it was an encription problem with hash passwd so, i need to
configure with --disable-md5-passwords..
but I don't wanto to do so... I prefer md5 password so I've done a
little script...

for line in `cat ~/vpasswd2`
userid=`echo "$line"|cut -f1 -d:`
quota=`echo "$line"|cut -f7 -d:`
passwd=`echo "$line"|cut -f8 -d:`
if [ "$passwd" = "" ]
./vadduser -n -q $quota [EMAIL PROTECTED]
./vadduser -q $quota [EMAIL PROTECTED] $passwd

It was ok for me...
and for all the ones that have the clear passwd in the last field :-)

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